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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Seems like Joe "cut and run" Lieberman is doing some post-debate polling. Here's the play by play from someone who was called recently.
Today, I received my first recognizable Push Poll. The woman, speaking with an unclear accent said she was calling on behalf of Western Research in Orem, Utah. Recognizing the name, from discussions on the blogs about Lieberman push-polling, I decided to follow along closely.

First, they asked about if I was registered, if I was a Democrat, if I voted in previous primaries, and how likely I was to vote in the August primary. I explained that I was a registered Democrat who was very likely to vote in the primary.

They asked what sort of job I thought Lieberman was doing and told them I thought he was doing a very poor job. They then asked,, on a scale of 0 to 100 what I thought of George Bush, Chris Dodd, Ned Lamont, and Joe Lieberman. I gave Bush and Lieberman both 0, Dodd 75 and Ned Lamont 100.

They asked about the Gubernatorial primary and I said I was undecided. They asked which way I was leaning, and I again said undecided.

They went on to the Senatorial primary and I told them I was voting for Lamont. They asked how certain I was and I said I was very certain.

Next they moved on to phrases about the candidates. I was trying to type and answer at the same time, and there was background noise here, so I didn't get all of them. They wanted to know who I associated with the following phrases:

Can't count on him. (Lieberman)
True Democrat (Lamont)
Out of step with ordinary people (Lieberman)
Trustworthy (Lamont)
Too close to Bush (Lieberman)

They went on to talk about the debate. Were you aware of it? Did you watch it? Did you watch all of it? (I watched all of it)

Did it make you feel more or less favorable to Lieberman? (much less favorable)

Did it make you feel more or less favorable to Lamont? (much more favorable)

They asked if it made me more or likely to support one candidate or the other and I responded much more likely to support Lamont.

With all of this out of the way, they went on to their push polling:

Do the following questions make you feel a little less, more much less comfortable with Ned Lamont:

He refuses to release his tax information. At this point, I told the pollster that the statement was incorrect, and that she was acting unethically by repeating it. She asked the question and I told her it made me feel much less comfortable with Joe Lieberman that people would be repeating such false information.

She went on to ask about how Ned Lamont's claim that he would outlaw all earmarks made me feel. I repeated that this was false information and it made me much less comfortable with Joe Lieberman. I urged her to stop repeating false information.

Perhaps shouldn't have been so strident, so I could have heard more of the false information that they are spreading. However, based on this, she moved on to final demographics, college education, age, union membership, religion, ethnicity and income level.
If anyone gets a polling phone call, PLEASE do the following.

1. Don't hang up and don't get upset over the questions.

2. Act like your an undecided voter (leaning to Lieberman).

3. Try your best to remember everything that was said in the conversation OR place the phone call on speakerphone and record the conversation. If you record the call using a tape player, please email me and I'll show you how to transfer the sound from tape to MP3.

Email me your reports or leave a comment here or at My Left Nutmeg.

It's important that you write down what was said as soon as the phone call is over as opposed to writing down your encounter later as you could forget something.

UPDATE: Again, if you get a call from Lieberman polling call, don't hang up the phone! Play along with their game and document anything that was said in the conversation (recording the call is a plus).

UPDATE 2: The people conducting the poll for Leiebrman is probably Mountain West Research Center. They did the last poll for Lieberman before the debate.

UPDATE 3: There is a polling company called Western Research Associates of Utah so either of the two companies could be working for Lieberman. At this point, I'll can't confirm the identity of the polling campany until I get more information from people who were called recently.

UPDATE 4: I little bird told me that the polling company is most likely Western Wats who are from Orem, Utah. Joe used these goons during his pre-debate polling. Also, people are getting confused with terminology. This polling is not push-polling but rather negative polling...it's a type of poll where people look to see what negative themes work and which ones don't with voters.