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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Senator Finch scrubs comments from his site!!

Holy shit, all I ask was a simple question and now this?

Seems like Democratic State Senator Bill Finch has received so much negative feedback regarding his dishonest attack of this site, that he actually started deleting comments from his site. Yes, rather than offering a retraction, the senator has resorted to removing negative comments from his site (from over 25 to 18)...how shameless. To make matters worse, instead of offering a retraction or addressing the concerns of the people who took the time to comment on his site, Senator Finch turns a blind eye to everyone focuses his next post on the World Cup game.

I can't make this stuff up folks...I'm good but I'm not that good.

Please don't let Senator Finch get away with this. It's not fair to the people who elected him into office. Why should a senator be allowed to viciously attack someone with a dishonest lie? In wake of Senator Lieberman's forming his own party, why should any Democratic public official be allowed to dodge a this simple question:

Will you support the Democratic nominee for senate?

Simple questions require simple answers and we should hold all public officials accountable regarding their loyalty to the Democratic Party. PLEASE, go to Senator Finch's site and ask him quit dodging the issue, retract his statement regarding this site and to answer the simple question.

Enough is enough senator. The people who voted you into office expect more out of their senator than someone who deletes comments he doesn't like.

Enough is enough...a simple question deserves a simple answer.

UPDATE: Links fixed. Sorry 'bout that.

UPDATE 2: Oh, the power of Google cache. Here's what Senator Finch's page looked like before he scrubbed it and here's what it looks like now. Hat tip to a smart reader (as well as a pretty damn good blogger :-)