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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lamont rocks Wallingford, tackles net neutrality

Now, this is how you do an event. Unlike dishonest Joe Lieberman, Ned Lamont spoke to a public crowd in Wallingford and spoke on a wide range of issues including new neutrality.

My main man (and Joe Lieberman's nightmare) Spazeboy was on the scene and filed this report.
Ned Lamont spoke before a bookstore full of supporters tonight in Wallingford, and I was on the scene with my video camera. Ned was at the top of his game, talking to the crowd about education, energy, healthcare, literature, the debate, the Puerto Rican Day Parade, Sailfest, the war and even net neutrality. (Spot the "single issue")

Anyway, since Net Neutrality is so important to me (being that I'm an internet user, that I use a lot of bandwidth for video, that I'm a blogger, and that I pay good money for my internet), I want to highlight Ned's position on this issue because tonight was the first time that I specifically remember him speaking about it.

"I think, fundamentally that the internet is going to change everything, and one thing I believe in strongly is net neutrality."
Ned Lamont - July 10, 2006
Here's the video of Ned doing his thing last night. Please go over to Spazeboy's site and thank him for the excellent video! He's by far, the hardest working blogger in CT.