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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More reports from people at Joe's awful event yesterday

Oh, the reports just keep coming over Joe's absolutely awful event yesterday in Stamford.

I encourage eveyone to go to My Left Nutmeg and read Neal's entire detailed report. Man, I wish I could of made it there...

Here are some highlights (note that Neal verifies Joe's big fat lie about Senator Biden):

The Fun Begins
As we approach Tigin's Irish Pub, we are greeted by Lieberman Political Director, Ken Dagliere. So much for any hopes of sneaking inside. Ken makes small talk and attempts to be cordial. But it was clear he wanted to know our agenda - and to grab a copy of the flyer, which we were happy to share with him.

Although the bulk of the crowd entering the pub seemed to be Lieberman staffers, we did meet some interesting folks. Two people I spoke with said they were there to hear what Biden had to say, but they were planning to vote for Lamont in August. These elderly ladies seemed quite disappointed in Joe's position on the war and his lack of respect for the good Democrats that have supported him for so many years.

The most interesting conversations were with casual passers by that took interest in our signs. Several took the effort to stop and say that they supported Lieberman and wanted to know why we were opposed to him. TrueBlueCT, being far more experienced at this stuff than me, was clever enough to ask the party affiliation of these Lieberman supporters. Well surprise, surprise, every single one of them was a Republican!

Where's the Guest of Honor
A few minutes before the event was scheduled to begin at 11:00, word got out the Biden wasn't going to show. The Lieberman folks explained that Senator Biden returned home from Iraq very late last night and then missed his train from DC to Stamford. Like the Bush Administration that Joe seems to idolize so much, these people just can't tell the truth. According to an interview with Delaware Online, Biden returned on Saturday. This should have been more than enough time for him to catch some zzz's and make it to the train on Monday morning. Perhaps Mr. Biden didn't check the Amtrak schedule, which has a train leaving pretty much every 1/2 hour. Even if he missed his original train, he still could have arrived in Stamford around the same time as Lieberman.
Again, why won't anyone call out Lieberman on his dishonesty?

Seems like Joementum was too chicken to confront two little protestors...so typical, all bark, no bite.

Joe the Chicken
After standing in the sun for about an hour, spreading our gospel, we spot Lieberman's car approaching Tigin's Pub. The car pulls up right in front. Joe takes one look out the window, sees TrueBlueCT and me there with our signs and motions to the driver. The car proceeds to cut-and-run around the block to the back entrance. It's pretty incredible that a three-term US Senator is so afraid of two peaceful bloggers with some signs from Kinkos that he has to sneak in the back door. The man spends more time in Iraq than Connecticut. You would think he'd have developed a bit of courage!

Great report Neal, now that's how bloggers in Connecticut get it done!

I can't wait to hear about your "lovely" encounter with Lieberman's communications director (and last comic standing) Marion Steinfels...I think.