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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Local news recap from Joe's awful day in Stamford

Well, you heard all about it, now you can watch it for yourself.
I told you Joe had a bad day...but one question remains unanswered.

Why didn't the media press Joe Lieberman's campaign to explain the outright lie Joe told supporters at the event when he stated Joe Biden was a no-show because he just came back from Iraq on Sunday? Here's what Lieberman said according to someone who was there.
He mentioned that Joe Biden was not able to attend because he got back from Iraq very late last night and was not able to make the train this morning.

Now, we know that's not true because Biden returned from Iraq on Saturday and gave at least two interviews (here and here). Why is Lieberman allowed to get away with lying to the people? Shouldn't we question Lieberman on his honesty? I know I don't want anyone dishonest representing me in Washington...wouldn't Lieberman supporters (and every conservative pro-Lieberman blog) be asking the same question if Ned Lamont was caught in a lie?