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Saturday, March 25, 2006

John DeStefano takes on Shelton

As I stated before, on Tuesday night, the people of Shelton were very lucky to have democratic gubernatorial candidates Dan Malloy and John DeStefano attend their meeting. Both candidates made their case to the committee and each answered a wide range of questions from the audience.

In all, it was a very informative meeting and it was a rare treat to hear from both candidates on the same night. Hopefully, both candidates will talk to other town committees on the same night in the future.

In the second part of my reporting from the Shelton DTC, here's video clips of candidate John DeStefano as he lays out his case to the Shelton delegates and town committee members.

1. John DeStefano's opening remarks:

2. Highlight of John DeStefano's presentation in which he describes how democrats in Connecticut can win an election:

3. John DeStefano answers question from a committee member:

4. John DeStefano answers final question from committee members: