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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dimwit catches my errors

Oh no! I was caught by a dimwit.

Seems like my post about the dolt over CTConservative (you know, that blog that looks like it was created my some kid using FrontPage) had a few typos that he (the dolt) was happy to expose.

There's only one problem, I wasn't the person claiming that my posts are error-free (hell, I catch my errors every day and try my best to clean them up as I go). As any blogger knows, typos are part of the business. It sucks but sometimes it happens and you can't beat yourself up about it, you try to catch them and just move on.

Not Sean, instead he calls people who makes typos dimwits.

Let's take a look at the video tape...
Colin McEnroe just had an interview with Joe Lieberman on his radio show. On his blog, McEnroe had come out against Lieberman, and, ostensibly, the interview was for Lieberman to defend himself. The full interview is found here, and a liberal blog FireDogLake typed up a partial transcript of some of the more interesting parts. I didn't have the time to exactly confirm the transcript, but it seems close enough to get my point across. Take this with a grain of salt though- this blogger knows Hartford as "Hartfod" and the Courant as the Currant. And you wonder why some people think bloggers are dolts. The partial transcript:
Now, it seems like someone is calling someone a "dolt" based on their writing ability. What's even more strange is that Sean made a typo in the same post where he ripping another blogger's typos.

Now, here comes the shameless part.

A reader points out to Sean the hypocrisy in his post by pointing out he made an typo in the same post where he's mocking another blogger's typo...
Anonymous said...

When you are making fun of someone else's spelling and calling them stupid, its best not to have grammatical mistakes in the post. If you do, you look, well, stupid.

But at least fred will remember for eternity!

8:01 AM
Did Sean acknowledge his error at that time...of course not, we're talking about a guy who has a long history of deleting comments he doesn't like. He cleans up his typo, acts like nothing happened, and keeps quiet while other people call the original person who caught Sean a liar.

danbury Dan said...

Sean, i would recommend that you delete anonymous' comments. they are doing nothing but spreading lies. for example, there were no mistakes in your post. why would he say there are? He is a liar. Delete his comments.

2:40 PM
Mii said...

I second that. if anonymous can't substaniate that, the comments are worthless and a shameless misrepresenation.

2:44 PM

Now, does Sean break in and say he made a mistake and the reader was corrrect? No, not Sean. Now, I couldn't let this wingnut who has the nerve to call another blogger a dimwit just get away with it right? So what did I do? I took the liberty to expose the hypocrite.

Now, what does Sean do? Does he eat his crow and acknowledge that he was caught? Naw, that you be too much for him. Instead, he has a freaks out and he goes through my post (nice screenshot, looks just as professional as the design of your site) and finds errors in my writing (how shocking).

There's one little problem here, I never claimed that my posts were error-free (I dare anyone to try blogging when you have little time during the day and not make an error), nor did I attack the dimwit's grammar (I know how hard it is to write using the blogger interface because there is no spell check feature and sometimes, you don't have the time to go between MSWord and Blogger). What I did was expose Sean for being a hypocrite because he attacked another blogger's typo while having a typo in his critique of the blogger (and a pretty silly typo if I say so myself) and he simply can't take the fact that he was caught (or that I called him a name while he has a LONG history of doing the same).

Morale of the story (now pay attention Sean): If you're going to attack someone's grammar in a post, you should make sure that your critique is clean of mistakes (or else you might look like a fucking idiot). The fact that you still haven't acknowledge this very point (until today after I pointed your error out to everyone) proves my point. It seemed like some of your readers feel the same but of course you deleted those comments also. Too bad I took a screenshot of those comments but this is getting too petty and there are more important issues to address that require my time.

BTW: Seems like Sean didn't like the fact that he and other wackos were banned from this site (which begs the question, how could I ban someone who claims to NEVER seen my site)...
I'd never been to this fringe blog before, but when the blogger, who called me a "f****** idiot" (nice how accepting and tolerant liberals are, eh?) commented in my blog, I decided to respond.

Well as I said many times, if it's one thing I can't stand, it's trolls who post write stupid comments anonymously and our buddy Sean probably wrote something really stupid which got him banned (boo hoo). Unlike our local wingnut (who is notorious for deleting posts to the point where he removed his comment section for a period of time), I have no problem debating the issues with people who don't agree with my opinion (in fact, I encourage debate), but I will not tolerate is dimwits who troll around my site and act like an idiot. Obviously Sean fit that description since I've only banned three people since this blog started.

And while we're at it, how was Sean banned from the site if he never visited my blog like he so-called claimed? I won't even go down that road because I think I made my point.

Take care Fonzie, enjoy your jump:-)

And now, let's go back to our original programming.