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Friday, March 24, 2006

Blame the liberal media

Ah, I can hear the wingnuts now, the liberal Hartford Courant used an angry picture of Lieberman and they are not being fair to Joe.

Case in point, check out this post from this wingnut who called left-wing bloggers dimwits.
One of the problems with blogs is that anyone who can type, regardless of how intelligent they are, can be a blogger. Usually this isn't a problem, but with some of the stuff left-wing bloggers have been saying about a recent Lieberman interview, you have to wonder what the bloggers are really thinking.

Colin McEnroe just had an interview with Joe Lieberman on his radio show. On his blog, McEnroe had come out against Lieberman, and, ostensibly, the interview was for Lieberman to defend himself. The full interview is found here, and a liberal blog firedoglake typed up a partial transcript of some of the more interesting parts. I didn't have the time to exactly confirm the transcript, but it seems close enough to get my point across. Take this with a grain of salt though- this blogger knows Hartford as "Hartfod" and the Courant as the Currant. And you wonder why some people think bloggers are dolts.
Oh boy, there you go again Sean. Pretty harsh from this guy huh? Attacking another blogger because of a typo seems somewhat silly (FYI: The misspelled word "Currant" was in firedoglake's partial transcript and typos are quite common in partial transcripts) but since he raised the point of attacking another blogger's grammar, we'll skip commenting on the stupidity of his post (which is full of the usual lies and insults we expext from this rabid nut) and take a closer look at his "perfect" writing ability.
Let's take his quote one step at a time. The first part of the sentence is undeniable; Bush will be serving for three more years. The second part is the controversial part, but only for the liberal ignoramuses who think that they can balance the fine line between supporting our troops yet criticizing the war. When the leader of liberalism, Bill Clinton, calls the war "a big mistake," there is no support no the troops. How does it help troop morale to call their comrades' deaths a mistake?
Hmmm, there is no support no the troops? Can you say typo?

Note to Sean: don't comment about the speck in someone's eye when you have a log jammed in the side of your head.

And by the way, who's the dolt now?

UPDATE: Thanks for the spellcheck Sean. Too bad I never said my stuff was error-free nor am I unable to acknowledge mistakes (unlike yourself).