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Friday, March 24, 2006

Dimwit, dolt conservative caught trying to clean up his writing

Ah, I guess today marks the "jump the shark moment" for CTConservative as Sean is caught trying to clean up his act. He didn't think I wouldn't notice did he?

Oh, this is way too easy.

It seems like the wingnuts who faithfully read his site (while listening to Michael Savage) are claiming that the guys at CTConservative didn't spell anything wrong in the silly piece about liberal bloggers, Joe Lieberman and Colin McEnroe.

I guess it's too bad I cached the page before Sean could clean it up. Also, knowing that he would pull some silly shit like this, I made a pdf of the site before Sean had a chance to clean up his screwup (and yes, there is a timestamp on the pages).

Come and take a look. Here is a pdf of the blog before the fix-up. The error is in the blue box and you can enlarge it by clicking on the image:
click to enlarge

And here is the pdf of the page after Sean cleaned his screw-up.

click on image to enlarge

The morale of the story is simple: If you're going to attack someone's grammar in a post, you should make sure that your critique is clean of mistakes (or else you might look like a fucking idiot). I guess Sean attended the same grammar school as Ben Domenech. Maybe Sean can give Ben a job.

I just email my buddies at firedoglake (I think they'll get a kick out of this). Why should I be the only person who has all the fun.