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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


WHAAA..the bloggers are not being fair...whaa, whaa!

This guy cries louder than a baby. Time out Joe, now go sit in the corner.

Joe: This quote is totally out of context. You might of got this from the bloggers who like to do this.

Colin: No, actually..actually.

Joe: If you read the whole speech..it's below your standards.

Colin: Sena...senator, I got this from the New York Times.

Who else laughed with Colin at that moment? Simply priceless.

Welcome to primary season Joe. Having a hard time defending your record?

Seems like Joe went on Colin McEnroe's show on WTIC and completely flipped out over McEnroe's recent Courant op-ed piece.

It seems like he doesn't like blogs either.

You have to hear it to beleive it. I thought Joe's head was going to explode.

UPDATE: My Left Nutmeg, CT Local Politics, and Firedoglake offer their views on Joe's meltdown.