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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thoughts regarding the Lieberman-Dodd debate last night

Who cares and why should I (or anyone) give a shit about what these two seasoned political talking heads say on camera! The whole thing was meaningless and a complete waste of time. It might make for good television but that's about it.

Look, do you think Chris Dodd is going to throw Lieberman under a bus? You have to be kidding me right. For those who hoped Dodd would rip into Lieberman, here is some good advice:

1. Contain your anger.
2. Find out where the Democratic Town Committee (DTC) meets in your area
3. Jump in your car and go to the VERY next DTC meeting in your area and give them a piece of your mind reagrding Lieberman and express your support for Ned Lamont.

You see, it doesn't matter what politicians say on television, the only thing that matters is getting to the people who faithfully come out and vote and giving them a piece of your mind. The people who take the time out of their day to participate in their Democratic Town Committees are the only people who matter especially when it comes down to a primary and these are the people you need to reach, not people who only watch television. In fact, forget all the television stuff; leave that for the talking heads and political television junkies. Most of these knee-jerking zombies are all talk and little action (ask anyone of these idiots where their political party headquarters are located and you'll get a blank stare). The people you want to reach are those who back up what they say with their actions and most of these people will appreciate it if you come down and give them your opinion so let them know how you feel about Lieberman.

You never know, your words can encourage a town committee to invite Ned Lamont to their area and hear what he has to say. The ultimate goal for any Lamont supporter is to get his message out there to the public if he is to have a chance in beating Lieberman in the primary.

Keep your eyes on the prize and ignore the talking heads. They have their agenda; you have yours. Get out the vote!