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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lamont to Southbury: Where's Joe?

[Southbury residents offer their support to Ned Lamont: ctblogger photo 02.20.06]

Ned Lamont addressed the Southbury Democratic Town Committee last night and wasted no time explaining his displeasure with Joe Lieberman and why he's challenging the fellow Democratic senator this year.

Saying that "the people who got us into this mess (Iraq) should be held accountable," Lamont used a majority of his speech ripping into Joe Lieberman for his supporting Bush's Iraq war strategy and his failure to hold the adminsitration accountable for their failed forgein and domestic policies.

The following videoclip shows Ned Lamont at his best as he goes through a laundry list of blunders by the Bush administration and after each blunder, he asked the audience "Where was Joe" during these times.

Videoclip (7.4 Meg:Quicktime)

After his speech, Lamont answered a variety of questions from the audience ranging from his opinion on the medicare plan, to raising enough money to challenge Lieberman with the small amount of time until the primary. In all, the memebers of the committee and audience seemed rather pleased with what they heard from Lamont and appreciated that fact that he came to speak to them and hear their concerns.

Additional video footage including the question and answer portion of Lamont's apprearence and the interesting discussion the committee had after Lamont left will be posted later.

UPDATE 02.22.06:Photographs of Lamont's visit to the Southbury Democratic Town Committee can be viewed here.