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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Light posting and Lamont update

Sorry for the lack of posting these last few days but since Monday was President's Day (which means I had the day off), I decided to make some upgrades to the site. The code for this blog needed to be cleaned up a bit and links needed to be fixed.

We're going to use the free video service from Google for a majority of our video clips. This will save us valuable web space which can be used for other features which will be available later this year.

...and hold on to your heads Lamont junkies, I'm processing the video from Lamont's appearence in Southbury yesterday which is taking some time to compress. I happened to stay at the meeting after Lamont left and was able to videotape some other interesting stuff reagrding Southbury Democrats' disapproval with Senator Lieberman. Is another democratic town committee on the verge of giving the thumbs down to Lieberman? You'll be able to watch the video and judge for yourself.

FYI: Was anyone aware that a reporter from USA Today was at the town committee meeting doing a story on Lamont and the Connecticut senate race? She interviewed several people who came to hear what Lamont had to say and none of them hade nice things to say about Lieberman. I don't know when the story will make the paper but it's fair to say that Lamont's campaign has generated a great amount of interest.