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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Vance bows out of Congressional race

Paul Vance offically ended his campaign for the 5th District Congressional seat today.

From Paul Vance Press Release:

“I have enjoyed meeting with people throughout the 5th Congressional District and have been energized by the support that I have been given, but mostly I am blessed to have become friends with many very caring people who are concerned about the direction of our country,” said Vance.

“While Sen. Christopher Murphy and I may have disagreed over issues,” said Vance, “we both agree that we need a change in the direction of this Country and in the Fifth District of Connecticut. I will endorse and work for the Democratic nominee, and have released my committed convention delegates asking that we all come together to support the nominee.”
Vance withdrawl allows Chris Murphy to focus his energy on defeating Nancy Johnson in an election that could decide which political party controls Congress.