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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lieberman approval numbers falling

I was checking out my favorite sites today when I came across this very interesting post from Kos about Joe Lieberman's poll numbers.

(Hat tip to DailyKos)
SUSA has its latest 100-senator poll, and by "net approval", Conrad Burns still brings up the rear (though he now has the company of Frank Lautenberg).

However, I was most interested (for the sake of this post) in Lieberman's numbers:

That's a swing of +41 to +27 in just three months.

Among Democrats, Lieberman's numbers are also dropping, from 58/36 last month to 56/37 this month. Among independents, Lieberman went from 64/28 in January to 58/31 in this poll. While he also lost support among Republicans, they're still the bullwark of his support -- from 71/25 to 67/27.

And among Liberals, the kind of people who turn out for primaries? Lieberman went from 57/39 in January to 52/40 in this latest poll.