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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Genghis: Ned who?

Genghis Conn at Connecticut Local Politics breaks down the latest Quinnipiac University poll and offers his insight into the Ned Lamont challenge
Sen. Joe Lieberman is in good shape as people don't seem to be inclined to support a Lowell Weicker bid against him, and no one has any idea who his potential primary challenger is. The hyping of Lamont has primarily been an internet phenomenon--lest we start getting swelled heads and thinking that blogs influence elections in a big way, the result of a month of hype on big national blogs as well as liberal Democratic blogs in state is that 93% of people apparently have no idea who he is. Lieberman would defeat him 68%-13%. The silver lining for Lamont is that 25% of Democrats say that the war would be "the most important single issue" for them in a primary vote, while 60% say it would be as important as other issues. 80% of Democrats believe that going to war was the wrong thing to do.


Ned Lamont's position is lousy, to start, but it's not all bad. 25% of Democrats, who almost universally are against the war, will be in his corner. As for getting the rest, he needs to become more knowledgable about other issues, and that he needs to differentiate himself from Lieberman on more than just the war. However, his position on the war, combined with Lieberman's stubborn support of an unpopular war being waged by an unpopular Administration (31% approval rating), does give Lamont something to stand on.
Genghis is for the most part correct in his analysis but I wouldn't read too much into the poll just yet. Ned Lamont is far from being in full camopaign mode (he hasn't offically announced if he's running yet) so it's understandable that many peolple in the state do not know him or where he stands on the issues (besides the Iraq war).

From the poll:

Genshis is also correct in stating that Lamont's position is not all that bad pointing out that 80 percent of Democrats disapprove of the war so although Lamont has a chance is giving Lieberman the boot, he'll have to get his message out to the people (ASAP) and expalin to the Democrats why he would be a better pick than Lieberman in the primary.

And yes Genghis, although I agree that blogs might for influence elections, they definately help people get information that they definately wouldn't get through the main stream media. It's also a great way for politicans and the average Joe to communicate with each other which has changed politics for the better.

And really Genghis, you can't tell me that after all the appearences you made on WTIC and interviews you gave to various newspapers in the state, that you head isn't alittle swelled also.