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Friday, December 09, 2005

Funny phone conversation

I read this at draftlowellweicker.com and felt that I had to share it with you.
Walking in from my DFALinkUp a few minutes ago, the phone was ringing, giving the opportunity to prosthelatize:

Hello, this is xxx from DSCC, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Oh, you are a national organization, right, you raise funds for Democrats for Senate nationwide?


So your group would be supporting Joe Lieberman, the incumbent for Senate in Connecticut?

Yes, if he is running for Senate as a Democrat.

Oh, that's too bad. You see, many of us here in Connecticut are upset with Joe Lieberman, getting kissed by the President and kissing up to him back. I would have a hard time giving money to your fund. I may support particular Dems for Senate around the country but I and a lot of others of us here in Connecticut would have a hard time giving to a group where even a small portion of the funds would go to Joe Lieberman. In fact, we are trying to run a Democrat against him in the primary, so I suggest DSCC consider not funding him, he doesn't need the money anyway.

Thanks for your call.
Why can't I get calls from political organiztions like the DSCC; all I get is telemarketers...