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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Lieberman staff email

Here is a pretty interesting email from the Lieberman camp.
Hat tip to DailyKos.
From: Sherry Brown
To: 'Sherry Brown'
Sent: Tue Dec 06 21:31:36 2005
Subject: Sorry for the blast email....

But the Courant is doing an online poll in which we have just fallen behind between Lowell Weicker and Joe Lieberman. We've been ahead all day, but one of the internet bloggers got hold of it and is promoting it among the extreme lefties.

Go to the Main Page - see Joe's picture and then there is a link "Weicker - the antiwar candidate?" click onto that page - scroll down - right hand side there is a poll.

Let's turn it around!!! Thanks. (and please note that I did NOT ask you for money, which may be a first)

Too funny. The Liebernam camp is afraid that the Courant online poll is showing the obvious which is Democrats in Connecticut are sick of Joementum and his backstabbing of the Democratic party.

We'll, if Sherry Brown is encouraging people to flood the Courant poll, I guess we should do the same. Click here and go for it.

UPDATE: I guess Brown's email pledge isn't going so well: