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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Greenwich Dems loves Weicker

Boy, the Weicker story won't go away as it's the hottest topic on many blogs and the only thing people are talking about nowadays.

Lieberman has to know that things are bad when Democrats in Greenwich are showing their support to the possibility of a Weicker challenge.

From the Greenwich Time:
Several prominent local Democrats are warming to the idea of former Connecticut Gov. Lowell Weicker challenging incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., as an anti-war candidate in next year's Senate race.

The group of mostly liberal Democrats say Weicker, who publicly denounced Lieberman's support of the Iraq war on Monday and raised the prospect of running against the centrist, would better represent their views in the Senate.

"I'd vote for him over Joe Lieberman any day," former Greenwich Democratic Town Committee Chairman Betty Bonsal said. "Joe Lieberman -- he's too conservative for me."


Bonsal's comments continue an onslaught of criticism against Lieber-man that began earlier this year when President Bush planted a kiss on the junior senator's cheek following the State of the Union Address in February.

Lieberman's critics, who have launched Web sites such as DumpJoe.com and TimeToGoJoe.com, say the public display of affection confirmed the junior senator's close ties to Bush and his flawed policies.

"I think an awful lot of Democrats would be absolutely delighted to see somebody come up and challenge Lieberman," said Mary Sullivan, a former Democratic National Committee member from Riverside. "If it were a race between Lieberman and Weicker, put it that way, I would support Weicker."


A political maverick who severed his GOP ties and founded the independent A Connecticut Party in 1990, Weicker said yesterday that he has received encouragement from supporters throughout the state following his public criticism of Lieberman at a Hartford Rotary club luncheon.

"I think really what it is, a lot of people have held their breath for so long and are relieved to get it off their chest," Weicker said of public disenchantment of Lieberman's continuing support of the war during a telephone interview from his Essex home.

Weicker, 74, who instead supports the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq in six months to a year, said he is leaving the door open to challenging Lieberman as an independent next year.

"Make no mistake about it, I place as much responsibility for this war at the feet of the Democrats as the Republicans," said Weicker, who described the situation in Iraq as dire. "I don't see how it could get worse."

While Weicker said he would prefer someone else be the one to challenge Lieberman, he warned that he would be forced to take action if a viable candidate does not emerge.

"I don't care who does it, but if that doesn't happen then obviously I'll have to sit down and give thought to the matter," Weicker said.

Even Lieberman supporters are getting worried...
Liberal Democrats were not the only faction of the party to take notice of Weicker's comments.

"I can only hope that Joe will listen to his constituents and his friends and respond to people's outrage over this," said Charles Lee, a Greenwich DTC member who has hosted political fundraisers at his home for Lieberman.


Former Greenwich First Selectman Richard Bergstresser also reiterated his support for Lieberman but said a challenge might force the incumbent to reconsider his decisions.

It's too late for Lieberman is reconsider his decisions. He has been a problem for Democrats in the nation and Connecticut for too long now and many Democrats are extermely angry with his close relationship to the Bush administration and his critical comments towards Democrats in general.

Weicker is a well liked politician and a great governor who has the respect of Democrats and Independents and would give Lieberman a run for his money.