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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Malloy-DeStefano video available

At long last, the Malloy-DeStefano interview from last Sunday's Face the State is now available for download. Since the video is so long, I had to break it up into three parts (based on the commercial breaks).

To get the file size down, I had to sacrifice the quality but it isn't that bad. If you don't have a high speed connection, you'll be downloading for some time.

Part one: 38.6 meg

Part two: 26 meg

Part three: 16 meg

UPDATE: THe site that is hoating this video only allows the video to be downloaded for five days at which point, I'll have to upload them again and replace the link. If you can't download the file, please leave me a note in the comment section and I'll get it fix ASAP.

Thanks in advance.