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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mayor Boughton press conference wrap-up

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton held a press conference regarding illegal immigration today and although I was able to attend and videotape the conference, I arrived late by about 15 minutes (I really ahte traffic).

I'm presently converting the video footage and I will post the conference and offer commentary here and on the sister site HatCityBlog later tonight.

UPDATE: You can check out the reporting from WTNH by clicking here (Windows Media Player required):

You can check out the report from Fox61 by clicking here (real player required):

Again, as soon as the my video footage is finish converting, I will post the conference. I really can't wait to comment on the news coverage of the event as I think WTNH went a tad overboard with the "tensions were running high" comment while Fox61 gave a more accurate description of the event (and they even caught a shot of me) but you can judge for yourself if tensions were high once I have the video posted.

UPDATE 2: Okay, for those willing to download this file (it's 73.7 meg), you can download the press conference by clicking here (now remember, I arrived late so I missed some of it but not much. Also, ignore the timestamp as it is wrong and I didn't even know it was on).

I'm working on a version that you can watch live without downloading and I'll post the link once it's ready.