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Saturday, December 30, 2006

John Edwards: What planet is President Bush on?

Former Senator and Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards has been the political talk in the media since he announced his intentions to run for President on Thursday. I planned to travel to New Hampshire and cover an Edwards event Friday night but I couldn't make it (CTLauryn was having none of daddy going away). To my delight, Edwards was also on Hardball Friday and gave a very detailed explanation for why he's the best qualified Democrat for President.

Calling President Bush just about everything but a bonehead for his complete inability to show anything resembling leadership (Edwards "what planet is he [Bush] on" quote is a classic), Edwards presented his selling point to the voters which includes Americans working together for the common good of the nation.

Not as good as myself being in New Hampshire asking him questions face to face but this is great TV.

With Edwards being the first high profile candidate to throw his hat into the race, the political pundits weighed in on his chances in capturing the Democratic nomination. Somewhere along the way, Pat "I'm on every MSNBC show" Buchanan states that he think Edwards will have a hard time explaining his voting for the Iraq War. Can someone down there in D.C. pass along to Buchanan this video of Edwards commenting about his vote when he visited in New Haven earlier this year...

Unlike possible Democratic front runner Hiliary Clinton, Edwards came out very early and stated that he regretted his vote to approve the Iraq War well before I videotaped Edwards make those comments in New Haven. If Buchanan gives you a problem, just direct him to this video and he'll quiet down faster than my daughter when I put a pacifier in her mouth.

Finally, for those who missed it, here's Edwards announcement from New Orleans on Thursday (sorry but YouTube was down that day and I couldn't upload the file).