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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blog Wars makes national debut tonight

Oh boy, the day has finally arrived.

Back in January, I heard about a man named Ned Lamont who was thinking about challenging Joe Lieberman for his senate seat. Since he was planning on giving a speech in New Haven, I decided to take a drive down to the Elm City and see what this guy had to say. As I was about to leave me place, I happened to see my videocamera on my table and thought to myself "maybe I should bring my camcorder just in case." Well, that decision changed the way people viewed blogs in Connecticut as my video posting of Lamont's speech was the first video blog post done at that time.

Throughout the early days of the Lamont campaign, I followed the man who defeated Lieberman in the primary as he went across the state talking to people in every small town imaginable. My video work attracted several other bloggers who purchased a camcorder and followed one of the most watched senate primary races in recent memory. As time went on, my blog and several others gained national attention and the BBC paid a visit to Connecticut and followed me and the other bloggers as we reported on the activities of Lamont and Lieberman. The result of the BBC videotaping all of us came to become a documentary called Blog Wars which will air for the first time tonight at 10:00 on the Sundance Channel.

Now unfortunately, although the BBC crew followed me and the other bloggers from Connecticut around for the entire summer, a great deal of the footage didn't make the final cut since the film covers much more than the senate race and expands to the entire inner workings of blogs in general. Although you won't see the interview they did with me, you will see me doing my thing at several events and see the people behind the other blogs in Connecticut. Hell, I didn't do this blog to be famous or anything and I'm just happy that I people from across the nation as well as England knew the stuff I was doing.

If you're not doing anything tonight, tune into the Sundance Channel and check the documentary out. Trust me, I'm not hard to find in the flick.