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Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Christmas Story video thread

In honor of one of my favorite Christmas movies ever, A Christmas Story, I'm devoting this thread throughtout Christmas with some of my favorite moments from this great holiday flick. Of course, you can be like me and watch this movie all day tomorrow on TNT TBS but it's also cool to watch clips from the movie.

For a little Chrsitmas fun, try this online game based on the movie. FYI: here's a screen shot of my high score:

Happy holidays to all!

Video clip 1: Chinese Christmas dinner.

Video clip 2: Farkus Gets His

Video clip 3: Schwartz Get His!

Video clip 4: Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Pin!

Video clip 5: Pink Bunny Costume (I promise CTLauryn never to give her such an awful present).