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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sargent gets it.

We can only hope that others get the message also.

What of Lieberman? The Wittmanites, predictably, are trying to spin Lieberman's victory as a sign that the mainstream prevailed over the extremes. But this isn't what happened at all. A key reason Lieberman won was because he successfully confused the electorate about his actual foreign positions, which are well to the right of majority opinion, while successfully mischaracterizing Lamont's as extreme, when it fact Lamont's were the ones genuinely in tune with those of the majority. And even if Lieberman did win in the end, let's remember that Lieberman predicted a Lamont primary win would mean doom for the Dems. Exactly the opposite happened -- it galvanized Dem candidates across the country and inspired the GOP to tie itself even more tightly to its "stay the course versus cut and run" strategy.

Don't be fooled by the spin or anything that comes out of Joe Lieberman's mouth. This election was about change and Ned Lamont made it okay for Dems to finally grow a backbone and talk about the war.

No Ned, no Democratic majority in Congress.

No Ned, no change.

It's that simple.