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Thursday, November 09, 2006

A party of one

As I noted several times on this blog, unlike Ned Lamont, Joe Lieberman only cares about one thing...Joe Lieberman.

If you think I'm kidding, read this.
Now that he's won re-election as a petitioning candidate, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman is pledging to remain a Democrat, if for no other reason than to keep his 18 years' seniority in the Senate.

"I'll sign up with the caucus to protect my seniority," Lieberman said Wednesday. "My seniority is important to my ability to deliver for the state of Connecticut."
Lieberman will caucus with the Democrats not because he's a Democrat, because he wants to PROTECT his senority.

Want more proof..
At a noon-time press conference in Hartford, he declined to articulate his role in the Connecticut Democratic Party, nor could he give a philosophical reason for organizing with the Senate Democrats.

Other than keeping his seniority, he was asked, what is the reason to organize with the Democrats?

"Well, I've been a Democrat," he replied.

Any reasons beyond that?

"Seniority is an important factor," he said.

After following Lieberman for ten months, this blogger hopes that Harry Reid and the Democrats strip this S.O.B. of his senority. Were talking about a man who DOESN"T live in Connecticut (his home is for sale in New Haven), actively undermines the Democratic Party, won his re-election due in large part to the White House and Republican support, and played a large part in the Democrats not winning in the 4th Congressional district and possibly the 2nd.
Orman also said U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman's run as an independent against endorsed Democrat Ned Lamont may have benefited Shays. "Lieberman confused a lot of people," Orman said, drawing votes from Lamont and Republican Alan Schlesinger.

Shays and Lieberman, both moderates under attack for their support of the Iraq war, may have been viewed as a "respected, endangered species," Orman said, in a district that probably had the most intense anti-war sentiment in the country. Moderate voters may have reasoned, "if you save Joe Lieberman, you're going to save Chris Shays," he said.

As anyone who followed his campaign will tell you, Joe Lieberman ran one of the most nastiest, destructive campaigns in history. From sending goons to attack Ned Lamont and planting race-baiting flyers throughout the African-American community, to outright lying continously to the people of Connecticut, Joe Lieberman proved to this blogger that he only cares about one thing...Joe Lieberman. The people who make up the Democratic Party in Connecticut (and voted against Joe Lieberman TWO times) know this and if the leadership in State Central welcome Lieberman with open arms, then the leadership at State Central will be removed.

Lieberman (Lieberman-CT)