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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A word from Ned

From his website.

We didn't win, but we made a difference; tomorrow we start again. Don't stop now, we're just beginning. It starts with one person standing up and speaking out, and then a lot of people, powered by grassroots and net roots and a passion to do better. That's what I heard all over the state: we can do better.

The last week of the campaign was so heartening, traveling the state in a big old campaign bus stopping by hot dog stands and rallies and, finally, polling stations. The bus sang out a little Marley or U2 as we wheeled into some of the towns and folks responded with hi fives and big grins. Kids ran up and shouted, "And so do we!" They responded to a fun, positive message of hope and I loved the fact that we won the overwhelming majority of the votes in the mock school elections around the state. And then on election day, there you were, standing in the rain at the polling stations into the evening waiting for the last of the voters to straggle in.

We worked our hearts out; it's ironic that our message of change did not carry the day in Connecticut but it helped spark a sea change in Congress. Let's make sure they act boldly: bring our troops home from Iraq to the hero's welcome they deserve, invest in our kids, invest in clean energy, universal healthcare, a government that respects for our constitution, our right to privacy, and shows respect for other nations and cultures. We will be a stronger and better nation for it.