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Friday, November 10, 2006

My tribute to CT House Speaker James Amann

(As a tribute recently re-elected speaker of the state House and to the biggest disgrace in the Democratic Party, here's a flashback post regarding the ever-so-arrogant State Rep. James Amann. See ya in '08 Jimmy...we'll gonna crush ya)

Oh man, is this guy for real?
State House Speaker James Amann, D-Milford, was at the Milford Metro-North train station Thursday to help stump for gubernatorial candidate John DeStefano Jr.

But the real fireworks began after a group of liberal bloggers and activists confronted the speaker about his continued support for U.S. Senate candidate Joseph I. Lieberman, who is running as an independent after being defeated in the Democratic primary by Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont.

Then a suggestion was made that Amann could always be replaced.

"You have any idiot in this town run against me in this town, I will crush them," Amann told the group, which included Branford Democratic Town Committee member Keith Crane, after the TV cameras and DeStefano left.

"Let them run in the town that I grew up in. You think you’re going to put someone up to me? Good luck," he said.
What's next, Keith will wake up with a horse head in his bed? I mean really, this is the tone one would expect from the Speaker of the House?

Oh, it's better when you watch Amann do his thing for the cameras.

You know, James sounds a lot like Joe did before the primary...right down to the arrogance.

F'n unreal. You can learn more about the tough guy by clicking here.