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Friday, November 03, 2006

Lieberman touts anti-gay endorsement

Oh man, will this day ever end?
A group of New Haven Latino clergy known for virulently opposing gay rights measures threw their support behind U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman's reelection campaign Thursday in a speech that focused on family values and faith. The group said the senator’s opposition to gay marriage contributed to their endorsing him: "We will not support a candidate that will go against the values of the traditional family as we know it and the Bible teaches us."


The event was a match between two parties with histories of visible opposition to gay rights causes. The ministers organized a vocal crowd to denounce a proposal to establish a New Haven "domestic registry" for gay couples in committed relationships, for instance, denouncing homosexuality as a sin in an hours-long public hearing. Lieberman voted for a measure proposed by Republican then-Sen. Jesse Helms (Senate Amendment no. 2434 to bill number 1513) to deny federal funding to schools that counsel students, even suicidal gay students, that it's OK to be gay.


After the speech, a reporter asked what issues, including gay marriage, contributed to the endorsement.

"We're just not supporting Sen. Lieberman based on one issue," responded Hernandez. "The caliber and character of his integrity is what really draws us to say he is the best candidate."
Anti-gay Joe accepts an endorsement for his stance on ONE ISSUE. Ironic, you think?