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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The NRCC, Nancy Johnson and the Today Show conspiracy

Oh, this is too much.

Seems like the NRCC, Nancy Johnson and The Today Show are attempting to do a hitjob on Chris Murphy.

Right now on MSNBC's website, an online poll is being conducted regarding campaign ads and the winner of the contest will featured on the show.

Under the title "Which one is the nastiest ad?" somehow Chris Murphy's "Cleft Palate" made the cut along side the disgusting Harold Ford ad (I guess they missed Nancy Johnson's wiretapping ad or the ad where she re-created a 9/11 funeral.

Anyway, the NRCC are flooding the site with votes for Murphy and it's up to all of us to set the record straight as the attack ad against Ford is by far the nastiest ad out there.

Please get over to the site and vote! Don't let the NRCC get away with this trick.

UPDATE: Thanks to you guys, Harold Ford's ad is way ahead of Murphy's ad. The NRCC will do their best to flood the site with votes for Murphy so keep voting!