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Friday, November 03, 2006

Outrage over Liebergoons mounts

While Team Joememtum continue to attempt to spin their B.S. version of the story, we have the actual facts from reporters and a pretty pissed off State Rep who was on the scene.

First, the New York Times
They're baaaaaaaaaack.

The pro-Joe Lieberman, anti-Ned Lamont protestors that Mr. Lamont's supporters dubbed the "LieberKidz."

We last saw them dogging Mr. Lamont during the heated Senate primary, and today they showed up in force at the morning kickoff of Mr. Lamont's "Stand Up For Change" bus tour, day two, mobbing the parking lot of a Hartford residence for the elderly, and cheering "Vote for Joe" as Mr. Lamont tried to speak with some of the residents.

Mr. Lamont's staff, somewhat outnumbered by the three dozen or so Lieberman supporters, looked annoyed.

"This is what you can do with $387,000 in petty cash," fumed Mr. Lamont's spokeswoman, Liz Dupont-Diehl, referring to the as-yet-unexplained, unusually large petty cash fund Mr. Lieberman maintained during the closing days of the primary.

Later, on the bus, Mr. Lamont weighed in. "I wish Senator Lieberman has showed up for the debate last night," he said, referring to a debate held with his G.O.P. opponent, Alan Schlesinger, which Mr. Lieberman declined to attend.

"Instead, he hires a lot of people to protest at our events. The people of Connecticut want civil debate on the issues," Mr. Lamont said.
While Joe proves that money can buy you love, lets see what State Rep. Evelyn Mantilla had to say...
I am State Representative Evelyn Mantilla, of the district where Ned made his stop this morning. I helped organize a quick meet & greet with the residents outside the building so as to not disrupt their environment and routine inside and to respect the Hartford Housing authority who manages it. This building is a low income senior housing building. I have fought for these folks for 10 years and they know me well and expect from me truthful information and to be treated with respect. The Lamont advance folks and staff handled the situation well and Ned himself was more gracious than anyone should be expected to be. He still made sure he greeted those who came outside to see him.

The actions of the Lieberman "volunteers" created an environment of intimidation and frankly just downright disturbed the peace of the residents. The crowd created such a tight space that they blocked the entrance to the building and any resident who wanted to get through to Ned, or just leave the building, had to push their way through or put up with getting pushed around themselves.

I am appalled. If they felt they had to make an appearance, they can march with their signs and chant their message all they want...but this was crossing the line. The lack of respect for these folks was beyond anything I've ever seen. These are SENIORS...this was not a rally...it was a simple meet and greet. I can't begin to describe the outrage I feel.

The good news is that I've spoken with a few already and they are clear as to who caused the disturbance. I will personally be out there making sure they come out to vote for Ned.
Keep spinning your load of bull team Joementum, it only make you look more like the jerks you really are.

UPDATE:CT Bob interviewed State Rep. Mantilla and as more details on the Libergoons.