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Friday, November 03, 2006

Senate Green Party candidate files complaint against absentee ballot violator

Way to go big green!
Ralph A. Ferrucci, the Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, filed a complaint Thursday against a Hartford Democrat who violated an agreement with state election officials barring her from distributing absentee ballot applications.

The complaint comes after a disclosure by The Courant that Prenzina Holloway, 69, was working for a company paid by Sen. Joseph Lieberman's campaign to distribute absentee ballot applications and that six people claim she has been handing out the documents in violation of her agreement with the state's Elections Enforcement Commission.

"She wasn't supposed to do anything and here she is doing the same thing that she did two years ago," Ferrucci said Thursday. "With Democrats and Republicans, there has been a lot of corruption in this state. Where does it end? We have to make sure this stops."

The commission fined Holloway $10,000 in July 2005 and ordered her not to distribute absentee ballot applications or to assist voters with them for two years. It agreed to accept $2,000 because of Holloway's financial hardship.

The penalty came after the commission found that she had forged a voter's signature in the 2004 election. It also found evidence that Holloway was in the same room with at least two other voters as they filled out absentee ballots, a violation of state election law.


Holloway admitted this week that she had worked for Urban Voters and Associates, a company paid $17,550 by the Lieberman campaign since September. She said she isn't involved in the company's absentee ballot operations.

But five people at Mary Mahoney Village, a Vine Street housing complex for the elderly, told The Courant that Holloway and another person came to their doors to give them absentee ballot applications.

A security worker at Betty Knox Apartments, another housing complex on Woodland Street, said Holloway tried to get into the building to distribute applications there.
Now what's the deal with Urban Voters and Associates...who exactly runs this gig you ask?
Urban Voters and Associates employees Prenzina Holloway, the lady barred from distributing absentee ballots. They were paid $17,550 by the Lieberman camapign for .... who knows what they were paid for. I do know, however, that 17k is a lot of money to pay the daughter of a City Councilwoman, who employs her grandmother, and runs the business out of her multi-family home. I can assure you she wasn't doing the same kind of "field consulting" that Tom Lindenfeld was. I tried to find out more information on Urban Voters & Associates, but there is seemingly no reference to their "field operation" on the entire world wide web. Maybe this is their maiden voyage in the industry ... and maybe not.

Lieberman dishes out $387,000 in petty cash spent in 12 days prior to the primary (an amount unheard of) and now he dishes out $17,550 dollars to a "company" (that operates out of a multi-family home) for "field operations" (wink, wink).

When you add that Lieberman sent his goons to cause a scene at a SENIOR CENTER, one has to wonder if the wheels are coming off team Joementum (or does Joe think he's above the law).

I've said it once and I'll say it again...Joe Lieberman will do ANYTHING to get re-elected.