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Monday, November 06, 2006

A civil debate

It's amazing how civil a debate can be when you don't have to deal with Joe Lieberman's whinning.

For those who missed it, here's video highlights from the 4th U.S. Senate debate featuring Ned Lamont and Alan Schlesinger. Make sure to pass this along to anyone you know who's still undecided.

Question 1: Iraq

Question 2: Fiscal problems in America

Question 3: Origins of terrorism

Question 4: Illegal immigration

Question 5: Senority

Question 6: Darfur

Question 7: Energy independence

Question 8: Crossing party lines

Question 9: Civil rights

Question 10: Drugs

Question 11: Critique of the media

Question 12: Loss of defense jobs

Question 13: Mistakes

Question 14: Congressional races versus Senate race

Final question and closing statements
(Since the debate started five minutes late, and my tivo didn't adjust to make up the difference, I didn't get the entire exchange. The question was basically can the people of Connecticut trust that their next senator won't take lobbyists money.