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Friday, October 27, 2006

New York Times gets it wrong again

Lieberman: 10/24
Lieberman appeared to call for more debates as he bemoaned the negative tone of the campaign.

Lieberman 10/27
Lamont and Republican Alan Schlesinger, meanwhile, have accepted an invitation to a fourth debate Thursday, but Lieberman declined. His press secretary, Tammy Sun, said the campaign was sticking to the agreement to hold three debates.

The New York Times 10/27:
Though the Lamont and Schlesinger campaigns said this week that any explicit alliance would be wrong and impractical, advisers to each candidate suggested that the two could serve their separate purposes by agreeing to more appearances at debates and town hall gatherings, with or without Mr. Lieberman.

Next week, for instance, they will meet for a debate on a Fox-affiliated channel, without the senator.

"We recognize that Schlesinger is the candidate of the other major party in the state of Connecticut," said Tom Swan, Mr. Lamont's campaign manager. "For town halls, we would invite other candidates, we would invite Schlesinger, and our appearance wouldn't be dependent on Joe's."
In an effort to give the impression that impression that Lamont and Schlesinger have an alliance, NYT reporter Nicholas Confessore just happened to leave out the fact that Lieberman DECLINED to deabte for a forth time.

I'd expect this type of reporting from the New York Post, not The New York Times...