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Friday, October 27, 2006

Special ConnecticutBLOG comment this Sunday

I've been involved in an online discussion over at Connecticut Local Politics regarding the new wireless internet program Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez introduced today.

Instead of ranting over there, I decided to do a special commentary on conditions in the North-End, why this wireless proposal is a horrible idea and why I feel that Mayor Eddie Perez is probably one of the worse mayors in the history of Hartford.

A while back, I was going to do a write-up about my life experience growing up in the North-End section of Hartford but the senate primary ate up a majority of my time. Due to today's announcement from Perez, I feel compelled to write the piece and hopefully give readers a better understanding on the hardships of minorities in Hartford and why the wireless internet is the last thing people living in the North-End need right now.

This is going to be a real involved post and sinec I want to make sure I get my point across, I'm going to take time and write this post as best as possible so come back Sunday and check out what I have to say.