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Friday, October 27, 2006

The dishonesty of Chris Shays: The Westport Democrats supporting Shays edition

There's simple no level to Chris Shays' dishonesty...and once again, People-Powered Media (PPM) has to come in and do the local media's job.

This is getting ridiculous.

From My Left Nutmeg:
Shays was all over a recent Farrell commercial calling it "dishonest". He whined to the local newspapers. It was front and center on his website for days. But the distinctive air of hypocrisy lingers amidst his protestations.

As if the slime being spewed daily to 4th District voters by the RNCC wasn't enough, delve into Shays own latest mailer. Four Westport "registered democrats" tell all. Well not all. As Paul Harvey says, "And now, the rest of the story..."

"Registered dem" #1 - Mark Argosh. Registered in 2003. Between 2003 and 2006 he and his wife gave $22,900 to the Republican National Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee, and Chris Shays. No democratic contributions. And Mark is employed by Ameriquest, whose owner Roland Arnall was appointed to an Ambassadorship by Bush after reputedly raising $12.25 million for him since 2002. Actions speak louder than registrations.

"Registered dem" #2 Toni Rubin. Told me personally in 2004 that while she liked Diane Farrell she was supporting Shays. Also told me she registered as a democrat "last year" because the Westport republicans hadn't ran her husband as a candidate. Now she's a Westport "registered democrat" supporting Shays. Guilt trip on her sour grapes or politic maneuvering - you make the call.

"Registered dem" #3 Nancy Zorfas. Nancy's son Ethan was a sporadic volunteer in the Farrell '04 campaign. Less than two weeks before the '04 election he was paid by the Republican Party as a Voter Contact Consultant. He heads the Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans at Clark University, which lists in its purpose: "To aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government." In a letter to the editor today he admits that he voted for Shays in '04 and plans on doing so in '06. He works for the Shays campaign - his letter says as a volunteer - but he told the child of a friend of mine that he was only working for Shays because he could get paid. Indecisive? Political mercenary? Or something even more sinister? You judge.

"Registered dem" #4 Ben Joseloff. Let me quote the local paper, the Westport News, about Ben: "The Shays mailer neglects to mention that the younger Joseloff worked for Shays at one time. As of press time, Joseloff did not return calls seeking comment." I wonder why that could be?
Chris Shays: dishonest to the core.

Mainstream media: lazy to the core.