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Friday, October 27, 2006

Where's the dough Joe?

(bumped to top...this is too important)
It's Friday and we're still waiting on an explaination from the Lieberman campaign behind the 387,000 in unitemized cold hard petty cash. Lieberman's spokesgoonTammy Sun promised reports access to the records on Monday and fully explain how the unusally high amount of 387,000 in petty cash was used.

To put this in persepctive, Lamont's campaign reported 500 in oetty cash at the end of the primary. 500 dollars yet Lieberman passed but over a quarter of a million dollars and no one knows what the money was used for since there is no explaination in his FEC report.

For more information regarding this mystery, go to the Lamont website and read the FEC complaint recently filed against team Joementum...but before you do that, check out this video.

Hat tip to the great Spazeboy!