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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Local MSM vs PPM

Can the stupid local mainstream media (MSM) please stop running with Joe Lieberman talking points about the hecklers

WFSB and WTIC-AM both reported that the hecklers at last night debate were Lamont supporters which is COMPLETELY UNTRUE. In fact, it was Lamont's supporters who assisted in removing the hecklers out of the event.

According to EVERYONE who saw the hecklers, the idiots were LaRouche supporters and not with the Lamont campaign. Here's a picture of them outside the debate.

Here's a report from another blogger on the scene.
This is a picture of the LaRouche Glee Club that I captured on my cell phone. It's the same people who kept interrupting the debate. When the debate was over they stood outside singing for the next 30 minutes or so. I tried talking to a few of them and asking what exactly they were protesting, but all they'd do was hand me their literature. They'd accomplished their goal of disrupting the debate and there was no need for them to say anything else.

Again People-Powered Media (PPM) has to set the record straight. Now, you would think the local MSM would take the time to verify Lieberman's garbage before the publish it.

...and maybe Mark Davis could do a little fact checking before asking such a silly question about negative/misleading campaign ads. If anyone's ads are misleading and false, they're Liebermans. From his ads calling Lamont a Republican, to making outrageous charges about Lamont's cable company, Lieberman is the only person who's distorting the facts.

You would think that someone as talented and informative as the "Great" Mark Davis could figure that out by now.

UPDATE: Oh man, according to several people, WFSB is now denying that they stated Lamont supporters were the hecklers which is complete BS. If anyone recorded the newscast, please email me ASAP.

Here's what they're saying on the blogs about WFSB's lie
Just watched the re-broadcast of the WFSB TV news. News anchor Dennis House said:

Lieberman was heckled by Lamont supporters, who disrupted the debate... Moderator George Stephanoplous tried to get the crowd to be quiet and Schlesinger came to Lieberman's rescue.

Then it cut to Schlesinger shouting at the heckler to show Lieberman some respect. I taped it on a VCR, but don't have a digital format to upload.

According to one blogger, "I just got off the phone with the news department of WFSB and they swore up and down that they did not claim the heckler was a Lamont supporter."

WFSB is wrong in their coverage and wrong in their denials. The Day and numerous other sources have reported that the hecklers were Lyndon LaRouche supporters. Here's a picture of them from the campaign blog. There is not now and never was evidence that they were Lamont supporters. WFSB has simply fabricated the story.

Enough is enough. Tell the MSM to get their story straight!

Call the WFSB News Department at 866-289-0333 and request an on-air apology and correction. You can also e-mail newsdesk3@wfsb.com.

Call WTIC-AM at 860-677-6700 and wticnews@cbs.com and tell them to get their facts right also.