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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Sorry for the delay in posting stuff but I'm hard at work on finishing the baby room in my house. With less than five weeks until my daughter hits the scene, I really have to get things finished around the house.

Seems like the big thing that made headlines this weekend centers around Joe Lieberman's FEC report and his so-called "slush fund."

David Lightman wrote a great piece that makes the financial connection between Joe Lieberman, Karl Rove and The White House.

Lamontblog has dug real deep into Lieberman's FEC report and what's on that blog will shock you.

The official Lamont campaign site has some interesting things to say about Lieberman's report also (such as why isn't Richard Goodstein's name listed anywhere).

After reading these posts, you'll get a better understanding why people call Joe Lieberman the de facto Republican in this race.