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Monday, October 23, 2006

Joe Lieberman unhinged

"You goddamned son of a bitch, how dare you accuse me of voting for the Energy Bill because I got a contribution."

Apparently, these were the words Joe Lieberman
said to Ned Lamont right after the debate. Although Lieberman cupped his mic during the exchange, I heard that WTNH captured what was said on their audio feed (I'm working on getting it now). If you look at the video, it's pretty clear that something went down...hell, it seems like even Alan Schlesinger knew what was going down, smiled and just walked away.

Here is all the video I have of the exchange. WTNH cut the debate off suddenly when Lieberman freaked out (notice how Lieberman is cupping his mic).

UPDATE: Okay, C-SPAN had more of the exchange but I'm still in the middle of compressing video so you'll have to wait till tomorrow. I'm going to see if I can filter out the background noise and only have Joe's voice in the audio.

UPDATE 2: Okay, now I'm really going to bed. Here's the updated scene from a rebroadcast of the debate. I need some sleep.