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Monday, October 23, 2006

The insanity of Nancy Johnson: Iraq War out of "realm of her position's control"

(an unbelieveable cross-post from Hat City Blog)

Good Lord!

Is Nancy Johnson throwing in the towel or is she trying top imitate Katherine Harris when it comes to making STUPID statements.

I hope your sitting down for this one.

[Nancy] Johnson accused Murphy of distracting voters by bringing forward national issues such as the war in Iraq.


Johnson added that she wished to concentrate on issues more local to Connecticut that fall within the realm of her position's control.

Say what?!?

This is the same Nancy Johnson who not only voted for the war, but also played the role of President Bush's Iraq war cheerleader along side Chris Shays, Rob Simmons and Joe Lieberman. Now, with a staggering number of soliders dying in the middle of a civil war that has no end in sight, Johnson wants to jump ship and whine about Murphy's bringing up the war as a campaign issue.

When one takes a look at Johnson's voting record, you can understand why she doesn't want to talk about the war.

Johnson Opposed Setting Benchmarks for Success in Iraq. In 2005, Johnson, and nearly every Republican present, voted against an effort to require President Bush to submit a plan for success in Iraq, supply the military with adequate equipment and other resources to complete their mission, and provide veterans with adequate health care services. The proposal was debated during consideration of the State Department authorization bill. Had the plan passed, it would have required the president to outline benchmarks for success in Iraq - including the adoption of a constitution, free and fair elections, and a plan for economic development - that could be used to determine when Iraq is sufficiently stable to allow for the return home of American soldiers. The motion also noted that the lack of a clear strategy for success in Iraq could undermine the morale of U.S. troops. The proposal was rejected, 203-227. [Rep. Menendez Press Release, 7/20/05; HR2601 7/20/2005 Vote# 398]


The Same Vote Also Addressed Additional Job Assistance to Veterans Returning from Overseas. The vote opposed a motion to a job training reauthorization bill to provide extra assistance to veterans who are returning from conflicts overseas. Many veterans returning from the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq may need skills and training to obtain or retain their jobs while Reservists who have spent a year or more overseas have put their careers on hold to serve our country. Four out of 10 members of the Guard and Reserve forces lose income when they leave their civilian jobs for active duty. Many left for the war thinking they would be deployed for 6 months and have ended up staying for a year or even longer and may be shipped out again. Additionally, many Guard and Reservists are self-employed or run small businesses and face the daunting task of reestablishing their businesses after their release from active duties. The 2 years after they return from service are the most difficult. The motion failed, 197-228. [Statement by Reps. Kildee and DeLauro, 109th Congressional Record, pg. H915, 3/2/05; HR27 3/2/2005 Vote# 47]


Johnson Opposed $100 Million Increase for Military Personnel. In 2005, Johnson, and nearly every Republican present, voted against a proposal to the budget to increase funding for military health care by $100 million and transitional job training for military personnel by $50 million. The proposed increase failed, 200-229.[HR1268 3/16/2005 Vote# 76]
And this is just the tip of the iceberg folks.

The war IS THE ISSUE and Johnson's hands are just as dirty as the other mindless politicians who willfully drank the President's kool-aid. For her to say that this war is out of her control is an insult not only to the voters of Connecticut, but to every military family who have loved ones in Iraq and expect leadership from those in Congress.

This election is about holding people accountability and when it comes to Iraq, every single political hack who was involved with any level of decision making should (and will) be held accountable.

Nancy, you made you bed, now sleep in it...coward.

Chris Murphy took no time to blast Johnson's asinine comment.
"Nancy Johnson calling this war a distraction is just as offensive as President Bush calling it a comma. I have knocked on the doors of families in this district who have children serving in Iraq , and they would be appalled to hear their Congresswoman dismissing this war as a distraction," said Murphy.

"It is simply bizarre for Nancy Johnson to say that she can't control this war because it is not 'within the realm of her position's control.' Nancy Johnson voted for the war. She voted against a $1500 pay bonus for combat troops. She voted for President Bush's stay-the-course resolution. Nancy Johnson is in the leadership of this Republican Congress, and Congress can control this war. Nancy Johnson and her colleagues simply refuse to do so," said Murphy.
This is just another in a long list of stupid comments from Johnson and I'm personally concerned for her mental well-being.

Johnson's latest comment is another in a long list of outrageous claims from the out-of-touch Republican. Lets take a flashback at some other recent silly comments from Johnson I caught recently. I called this video fantasy vs. reality and it spreaks for itself.

Here are some comments from politicians and ordinary people who were shocked by many of Johnson's out-of-touch statements.