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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Chris Shays: Lieberman is a national treasure

I kid you not folks and trust me, I had to read this silly quote twice in order for it to sink into my brain.

Paul Bass has all the details on yet another bizzare political day.
As Lieberman spoke, U.S. Rep. Shays wandered out. They greeted each other warmly. "You have a Republican here...You're saying you would support Democrats... Is that awkward?" Lieberman was asked. Shays answered the question for him; click on the play arrow to watch Shays talk about how "this guy is a national treasure."
A national treasure? Okay, now I've heard many wierd things on the campaign trail but calling someone a national treasure tops everything.
Then, before leaving, Shays spoke with Channel 61's Shelly Sindland. He told her: "Joe Lieberman's election is more important than my election. That's the bottom line. I'm voting for Joe."
It's official, Connecticut is a political madhouse!

I think Chris Shays has really lost his mind...I'm concerned for his well-being.

Go to the New Haven Independent and read the entire story and watch the video clips.

Man, everyday is an adventure...if you're not in Connecticut right now, you have no idea what your missing.

(photos credit Paul Bass: NHI)