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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lieberman loves John bolton

Boy, who couldn't see this one coming.

Seems like Lieberman will do anything to get the Republican vote including endorsing U.S. nutjob ambassador John Bolton's permanent status at the U.N.
Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman on Monday endorsed controversial Bush appointee John Bolton for a permanent slot at the United Nations - putting him at odds once again with Democrats and his Senate colleague, Chris Dodd.

Dodd, D-Conn., is the leading critic of Bolton, the controversial envoy Bush sent to the U.N. on a temporary ambassadorship after Democrats and some key Republicans balked at nominating him.

"I see no reason not to be for Bolton," Lieberman told a meeting of the New York Daily News editorial board.

"Based on his capabilities - and now based on his performance - I believe Bolton is well-qualified," he said.

"I think he's been a good negotiator and a good spokesman. He deserves to have a vote. I think he deserves to be confirmed."

I wonder how Chris Dodd feels about Lieberman's comments.
In a blistering Senate speech last month listing what he called Bolton's failures, Dodd said, "My objection isn't that he is a bully, but that he's been a very ineffective bully - he can't win the day when it really counts."
Pandering Lieberman strikes again.

UPDATE: Matt Stoller of MyDD highlights Lieberman's sudden flip-flop and reminds us that the de facto Republican voted against Bolton twice in the past. Make no question about it, Lieberman is pandering to the Republican base yet again as grabbing the conservative vote is the only chance he has in being re-elected.

I just love this quote from Stoller.
It must be tough for Lieberman, now that he's running in a Republican primary.
Too true Matt, too true.