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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Senate debate in six acts

Hey, did you miss the debate? Don't worry, thanks to People-Powered Media (PPM), you no longer have to rely on the networks to see the big showdown in Stamford.

After hours of uploading video files, I'm pleased to present to you, the complete senate debate unfiltered as it actually happened. Unlike the network broadcast, you'll really get to hear the responses from the audience and get a better understand why Alan Schlesinger won the debate.

As a bonus treat, I had a chance to interview the man of the hour, Alan Schlesinger and I'll bring you that video later (I'm tired).

Check out the photograph at the top of this post. Wanna know why Ned Lamont and Alan Schlesinger are looking at Joe Lieberman like he's nuts? Well, watch the video and you'll understand.

Act one: mud slinging

Act two: that little North Korea problem

Act three: an apology and a debate over social security

Act four: those illegal immigrants

Act five: taking the gloves off

Final act: the real Republican

Who won the debate
Ned Lamont
Alan Schlesinger
Joe Lieberman
no one
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