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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Nancy Johnson and Chris Murphy: Fantasy vs. Reality (UPDATE: bonus video footage)

Nancy Johnson still has me I'm a state of shock.

If you didn't attend yesterday's debate between Nancy Johnson and Chris Murphy, you missed one of the strangest performances ever given by an incumbent.

As you know, I kind of lead on the progressive side as I truly believe that you can't trust anything a Republican tells you nowadays and yesterday, Nancy Johnson proved my point.

Although I videotaped the event (with the help of the great Spazeboy), one really needed to be part of the audience and experience the reactions from the crowd as Nancy Johnson made one outrageous statement after another. The responses from the crowd ranged from moans and groans to a woman standing up, saying "I can't take anymore of her bullshit," and walking out of the auditorium. The look on disbelief on everyone's faces including some Nancy Johnson volunteers was unreal.

Like a kid getting every present he wanted on Christmas Day, Murphy not only outperformed Johnson, he easily debunked every one of her claims, and clearly won over the crowd with his detailed outlined proposals which he would bring to Washington if elected Congressman. On the other hand, Johnson stumbled several times and seemed like she was unprepared for the debate as she gave several long-winded answers to pretty simple questions which left the audience at times confused if not puzzled.

Think I'm kidding when I said Johnson completely bombed?

Think I'm kidding when I say watching Johnson's performance was like watching a trainwreck?

Well you can watch the highlights from the debate and judge for yourself.

Watch as listen to Johnson as she delivers the White House talking points on such topics as No Child Left Behind (it's fully funded), the situation in Iraq (we're fighting the terrorists there so we don't have to fight them here), and the FISA law (I'll let her explain it). I also have responses from several people who attended the  debate including views from U.S. Congresswoman (and New Britain native) Anna Eshoo (D-14 Cal), Former Congressman Toby Moffett, State Rep Tim O'Brien, and several members of the audience.

Hell, Spazeboy and yours truly even caught up with Murphy and got his views on the event as well.

First, here a brief clip of the pre-debate highlights.

The main dish.

Post-debate comments: