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Thursday, September 14, 2006

DANGERstein strikes again

Either Dan Gerstein is a bad liar or just an idiot.
On his Web page, Lamont states, "I teach in a 50-year-old inner-city public school," referring to Harding.


Rival Senate candidate Joe Lieberman, a lifelong Democrat who is running as an independent after losing a primary battle to Lamont, is taking issue with Lamont's portrayal of himself as an inner-city schoolteacher, saying he's "misleading" the public.

The Lieberman campaign points out that Lamont is a multimillionaire from Greenwich who volunteered to help with a business class at Harding High School.

"The reality is Ned Lamont has trouble with the truth," said Dan Gerstein, Lieberman's communications director.

"Ned Lamont has loudly and widely trumpeted his credentials as an educator and in doing so has unequivocally given people the impression that he is currently a teacher in the Bridgeport public schools. Since Mr. Lamont is touting this credential, there are legitimate questions," Gerstein said.

"He has distorted Lieberman's record and he has a habit of mischaracterizing his own positions on Iraq. If he is not teaching, why does he continue to mislead the voters about his role in the Bridgeport public schools?" Gerstein said.
Stunning, Joe Lieberman, in a attempt to stay away from addressing the issues, attempts to attack Ned Lamont's teaching credenitals.

Let me get this straight, you're attacking Lamont's volunteering credtials? You'e attacking the factsd surrounding Lamont TEACHING AT AN INNER-CITY HIGH SCHOOL?

So I guess these kids are liars?
The CT Post took two seconds to check into team Joementum's claims and came up with this...
The facts surrounding the issue are clear. During the 2004-05 school year, Lamont served as a volunteer teacher at Harding. He helped a certified teacher lead two classes on how to start a business and brought in outside experts to bolster the course.

Hector Sanchez, Harding's principal, said Lamont helped teach once a week, on Mondays, for two periods, which amounts to 1.5 hours for the day. The effort lasted the school year, Sanchez said.

In 2005-06, Lamont volunteered to help teach a similar class at Bassick High School.
Joe, please hire Marion and Sean back. DANGERstein and everyone's favorite assclown Eric Blankenbaker are definitely downgrades...