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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Who's the sleeping bear now?

It seems like Joe Lieberman can't explain to the press why he missed so many senate votes on the Iraq War. In fact, it seems like he can't (or refuses) to answer any question that is critical of him from the press.

Since the blogs came posted about Joe Lieberman's AWOL on numerous critical Iraq votes in the senate (see examples here, here, and here) the press has had a field day on this story and exposed the hypocrisy of George Bush's favorite Democrat.
Joseph I. Lieberman aggressively used an opponent's record of missed votes to help him win his first Senate race in 1988. Now, Lieberman is the incumbent under attack for absenteeism.


Six of the missed votes last week involved amendments to the 2007 defense spending bill. Lieberman, a Senate Armed Services Committee member who touts his security record, was one of two senators who did not vote on final passage.

What's Lieberman's answer for his AWOL status on the most important issue of our generation? What's the first thing that comes out of his mouth when questioned about missing numerous important Iraq war votes? He crys foul.
"The first thing to say is Ned Lamont is running one of the most negative campaigns I can remember. He constantly criticizes, criticizes, criticizes," Lieberman said.

Lieberman, the individual who did nothing but attack Lamont with countless lies, mocked him in a bear ad, refused to debate him on numerous occasions, and authorized the placing of race-baiting flyers throughtout the African-American commuity during the primary, NOW crys foul when Lamont exposes his voting record on the war?

Amazing, simply amazing.

Lamontblog digs deeper and comes up with these gems from other articles on Joe's AWOL.
The Stamford Advocate gets Tammy Sun on the record:
Lieberman campaign spokeswoman Tammy Sun yesterday said it was a further effort by Lamont to distort Lieberman's record.

"(He) can't help doing anything but attack Joe Lieberman," she said of Lamont in an e-mailed response, adding that Lieberman has a 94 percent voting record since taking office in 1989....

The Senate's Web site confirms the data provided by Lamont, and Sun did not dispute the absences. Sun last week said Lieberman missed Thursday's "typical, party-line procedural votes" because he was accepting an award for his work on youth issues from the Kennedy Center.

The New Haven Register notes Tammy Sun's claim that any Senate vote that is not 50-50 is really just "symbolic":
Lieberman's spokeswoman, Tammy Sun, has referred to the tally as "procedural" and Lamont was asked if, in fact, the vote was just symbolic, since Lieberman's vote would not have made a difference.
Lieberman is too busy accepting awards to vote on the war. Is this the type of senator you want representing you in Washington?