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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Get your daily cup of Joe

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Here's a sample of the first serving.
Sen. Joe Lieberman's defensive response to yesterday's revelation that he has been skipping critical Iraq votes prompted us to ask a question: how many total Iraq votes has Lieberman actually missed? A look at the record shows it's even more than we originally thought. Lieberman's efforts to rubberstamp the White House, mislead reporters about his record and avoid taking the tough votes show just how desperate he has become. "Throughout this war, Connecticut needed a second Senator who would ask the tough questions when it mattered and, we need one now," said Ned Lamont. "That's not partisanship. When you're a senator, that's called doing your job."
WARNING: sit down whe you read the rest of this...
LIEBERMAN MISSED 31 OUT OF 61 TOTAL VOTES ON IRAQ: That's right, out of 61 total votes the Senate has considered on Iraq since the invasion, Lieberman has missed 31 of them, or more than half.

LIEBERMAN MISLED REPORTERS; VOTED OPPOSITE OF HOW HE SAID HE WOULD VOTE: But even worse, Lieberman misled Connecticut reporters yesterday about his position on the legislation in question. He claims that had he decided to attend the vote last week on critical legislation to demand President Bush report to Congress on the growing chaos in Iraq, he would have voted for the legislation because he says he believes, "Why not have more information?" Yet, Lieberman has actually voted the opposite way on the rare occasions he's actually shown up to vote. According to Senate records, in 2004, Lieberman cast the deciding vote against legislation "To require reports on the efforts of the President to stabilize Iraq and relieve the burden on members of the Armed Forces of the United States deployed in Iraq." Had Lieberman not voted against the legislation, it would have moved forward. Instead, it died in a Senate debate decided by one vote.

LIEBERMAN SAID MISSED VOTES "AN IMPORTANT ARGUMENT" IN 1988: Lieberman said yesterday that asking questions about why he has missed so many votes on the critical issue of Iraq supposedly means people are "running a negative campaign" against him. But in 1988 when Lieberman questioned why his opponent had missed Senate votes, Lieberman's campaign said that questioning a Senator's willingness to skip votes is "an important argument " and "an issue [because] Connecticut needs a senator who is there." That's exactly the same thing Ned Lamont said yesterday when he asked: "How can you hold anyone accountable when you are not there to vote? These are not procedural matters they are issues of life and death, war and peace."
Now, that's a good cup of Joe!