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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gov Rell has "issues"

...or should I say an accomplishment page.

The following passage tells the story.
A few of the highlights of Governor Rell's record are below. And in the coming weeks, Governor Rell will be outlining how she plans to build on that record of achievement - how she plans to continue keeping her promise of LEADERSHIP - INTEGRITY - RESULTS.
It's fairly obvious that this page was whipped up because of the attacks from DeStefano's campaign this week because at first glance, this page seems like it was quickly put together at the last minute. What other way is there to explain this passage.
Connecticut's rank among New England states for job growth: No. 2, behind only Vermont. Connecticut's rate of job growth between July 2004 and July 2006 was 1.2 percent, tied with Massachusetts and second to Vermont's rate of 1.5 percent.
Wow, we're only second to VERMONT. Personally, I don't think this is something I would be boasting about.

It's nice to talk about what you did for Connecticut and I'm sure some of these accomplishments are up for debate. Again, where is the issues page? There is a laundry list of problems people in Connecticut and you have to question an incumbent how does not outline how she would address the various issues plaguing our state.

It's now about what you done in the past, it's about outlining your plans for the future. To this date (and with less than two months till Election Day), we haven't heard anything from the Governor regarding how she plans to address the various problems voters face in Connecticut.

After the Rowland scandal, shouldn't the people of this state demand more from someone who played a large part in the Rowland administration? Just because someone is likeable, doesn't mean they're capable of effectively leading this state. You have to question a candidate who (with less than two months till Election Day) refuses to share her vision of Connecticut with the public.

The public deserves more than a laundry list of "accomplishments."

UPDATE: Here page devoted only to issues is still blank.