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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The aftermath

Oh man, am I exhausted. Trying to live blog and cover the politial race of the year was close to impossible. Also, struggling to get a good spot to videotape was insane which was why my blogging from the Lamont location was so hard (if not impossible). CtBob did an amazing job last night and I encourage you to check his site out. ALso, Connecticut Local Politics was all over the stories so give them a peek.

For me, I'm about to pass out but there is much to talk about so lets begin.


It's time to see which politicians support the party and which ones jump ship with Joe Lieberman. I've heard that at least one Democrat is sticking with team Joementum but I'm not releasing any information until I can confirm.

2. Oh yeah, that OTHER primary race.


Scott Slifka, lost to Malloy's running mate, Mary Glassman by 57%-43% while DeStefano beat Malloy by a about 4,000 votes? It's obvious the the union help DeStefano over the top but I never Slifka losing doesn't make a much sense. These are strange days.

3. Where do we go from here?

There will be a Democratic unity conference today in Hartford at 11 AM. I'll be on the scene and report on anything that happens. I'll get everyone a complete list of the numbers (town by town) later today. I have to get moving if I'm going to make it to Hartord in time.